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What Do They Do at an Allergy Clinic?

Many people don’t even realize that there may be an allergy clinic in their area that can help them with their allergy problems. Many people will just go to their normal doctor, make an assumption, get some generic allergy medication and call it a day. While that may work for awhile, there are some cases that you need more specialized care, like genotyping services. That’s where a visit to an allergy clinic may be able to help you.

As you would expect, an allergy clinic is run by an allergist, who is a type of doctor that specializes in working with allergies. These doctors can perform a number of different tasks related to allergies. First, the doctor will have you fill out a very large questionnaire so that they can determine some things, including what tests to run.

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Then, they will perform a number of different tests and scans in order to answer some important questions. You may need to make several trips to the allergist before determinations are made. Then, the allergist will be able to treat your allergies as they need to be treated. They’ll tell you what foods to avoid and prescribe you medication for relief from other allergies. In general, these clinics are there to help you out and make your life just a little more comfortable.

The allergist likely has some support staff as well. Most of these clinics will receptionists who deal with making appointments, answering the phone, and dealing with paperwork. As you would imagine, allergy clinics have a lot of paperwork due to all of the tests that they have to order. There are also, usually, nurses that work at the clinic as well. These nurses may be able to help with the tests that need to be done; they also help to prepare you and make you comfortable for your appointment