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Tips For Protecting Your Data And Recycling Your Old PC

Computers have been around since the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  With almost three decades of these machines being constructed and thrown away there are is a real need to find a more efficient way of dealing with these dead machines.  One way of doing this is through computer recycling toronto centers and creative thinking.

Back up your data

Before you do anything with your old equipment make sure that you have everything backed up.  Dealing with people and their data has always been an interesting experience.  Half of the people who use computers never back up their data and the other half back it up but can never find it. 

When you backup your computer consider an online cloud based service.  The price for the data is priceless when it can’t be reconstructed.  Using these services will help ensure that your data is safe and you can destroy the hardware.

Recycle your memory

The memory on your PC can possibly be used on other machines.  Depending on the type of machines you are running the memory might be compatible.  Another way that you can do this is to take a drill and create a hole at the top.  Through that hole run a string to make a necklace or other hanging design.

computer recycling toronto

Double format your hard drive

One thing that you can do is low level format or double format your hard drive.  This will remove all the data and even go deeper than a typical format.  The way that data works is that it is never really gone.  It just gets layered on top of another layer.  When we low level or double format your hard derive we are really scrambling the data in such a way that it is almost impossible to read.