sunlight readable display

Display Stand That Wards Off Sunlight

This display stand could be standing on your home office desk. It could definitely be standing in your living room. It is also perfect for the inner city office environment when you think about it. The sunlight readable display could also deal with the glare emanating from the office floor’s ceiling lamps. And for the welfare of all deskbound workers it may not always be ideal to draw the office windows’ blinds.

Because isn’t that what usually happens? They do not even wait for the sun’s glares to arrive. The blinds are already closed. The perception is that all outside distractions are being cut off from the office worker. This perception and the very act is in itself distracting. It can have the opposite effect. The office manager may as well remove the wall clock because what other view is there to look at. Perhaps if an aerial or outside landscape view were left for all to see, office workers would not be spending so much time gazing at the wall clock.

sunlight readable display

Or the water cooler. The sunlight warms and nourishes the human body. Of course, productive people tend to find it distracting sometimes, because the moment the sun’s glare hits their PC monitors or TV screens, of course they’re going to be annoyed. Their concentration levels will have been affected. And now they must start all over again. Or just call it a day. Or a night. No need when you have a sunlight readable display.

Rays will be refracted the moment it attempts to penetrate your screen. It will be like enjoying two worlds for the price of one. Warm and cozy in the sun. Still engrossed in the show on the TV. And very good for business too because the message is never lost.